TV production

Post-production offers first-class post-production services for your film project.
Creative editors and state-of-the-art equipment will turn your images into the perfect film!

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Effective communication with corporate video & business TV

With corporate TV, you can produce your own corporate TV programme for internal or external communication purposes. Present corporate content or breaking news items fast, emotionally, interactively and perfectly tailored to your target group.


Whether company portrait & image film, product film & commercial, business or training feature – offers any service. From development of formats and projects, on-going and post-production, all the way to satellite-based, European-wide and global broadcasting possibilities. Editorial support and content generation services are provided as well. Make your company visible with RT1.TV!

Communication needs to be fast – with webTV

With Web TV you communicate your content fast and in line with your target group requirements. Highlights, internal news or new products can be economically and effectively presented via internet, using RT1.TV’s full service.


Use the web as information and experience platform for current events, new products, your own intranet content, congress reports & exhibition films, business and corporate TV or for interactive on-demand offers, such as e-learning content.


We design and produce any content and format required for successful Web TV campaigns. Depending on requirements of the TV or video production, we also provide studios and presenters.

Streaming your content and events – with

Our streaming service for your online broadcasting requirements: Conceptual design, project development, production, internet-oriented processing and integration of your mission throughout the net. In all standard formats. Live or as recording. For cost-optimised web communication in professional moving-image quality.

We bring your event to life – with RT1.TV!

When documenting your event RT1.TV supports you with conceptual expertise and state-of-the-art equipment. We accompany your event with in-depth experience and offer virtually all options for its visual exploitation.

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Experienced ENG crews:
24/7 booking

At RT1.TV you can book experienced camera crews on a 24/7 basis and for any broadcast slot. With our professional HD broadcast equipment, we are at your service when it comes to your national and international productions!


For post-production services, we offer several AVID editing stations to you. Transmission services can be booked via satellite, BNS connection or data transfer.

Renting TV studios with RT1.TV

RT1.TV offers two production studios as representative shooting locations. Both studios are soundproof in line with ARD guidelines and fully air-conditioned and come with Blue Box and Green Screen as well as BNS connection for live transmissions. Up to six cameras can be used in our in-house productions. Highest quality standards are guaranteed by our state-of-the-art equipment. Use our studios to implement your communication idea, e.g. for presentations, interviews or live transmissions.

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