General description

Mercedes Antos 1830L
Length / width / height: 9.45m/2.55m/4.00m
Weight: 18t

Power requirements: 63A CEE all broadcasting-relevant components UPS secured
Generator Fischer Panda 25KVA

Satellite transmission equipment

2.4m Vislink News Swift antenna
2 x 400W HPA
2x Ericsson HD/SD Encoder
2 x Ericsson HD/SD IRD
RASS /BISS encoding
3. Encoder Tandberg E5788 MPEG2
3. IRD Tandberg RX 1290 MPEG2
2 x Consumer satellite receivers
2 x Consumer DVB-T receivers

Video equipment

Vision mixer
3 ME Grass Valley Karrera

7 cameras, Grass Valley LDX 80
1 High-speed camera, Grass Valley LDX 86
Lenses as required
Video matrix
Miranda 144 x 234
2 x Trilogy Mentor XL with Change Over Unit
2 x Lawo Vpro8
16 x Embedder/Deembedder
6 x Lynx Video processors
2 x Transmission embedder
24 external inputs, 24 external outputs

Video editing:
11 x 24“ Sony OLED, Fullscreen or Quad
Slow motion:
6 x 17" Sony OLED, Fullscreen or Quad
Audio editing:
1 x 17“ SONY OLED, 1 x 16>2 multi-viewer
2 x 20“ LCD, 16>2 multi-viewer
Video technology:
2 x 20“ LCD, 16>1 multi-viewer
6 x 17“ Sony OLED
2 x 20“ LCD
various multi-viewers available
2 x EVS
4 x Recorder/Player as required
2 x Bluray/DVD-Recorder

Audio equipment

Lawo MC56. 16+16 Fader
96 DSP channels
Lawo HD-Core with 8192 crosspoints
Dolby E De/Encoder
Yamaha SPX2000
multi-effect processor
2. FX processor on request
5+1 Monitor in audio editing
various transmission options on request
Riedel Artist 128
double presenter unit
Riedel CCP-1116
Front cabin microphone

2 x ISDN Codec Mayah Centauri 3001
3. ISDN Codec Musictaxi Dialog4
2 x Glennsound GSM Hybrid
2 x Telos Telefonhybrid
1 x radio interface, semi-duplex
1 x radio interface, Simplex

Fibre optics system
3 external stage boxes
Audio / Video / Intercom
via Riedel Mediornet

Additional Views

OB Van Layout

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